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Theory Test:

As part of your driving career you are now required to take part in what is called The Theory test this is divided into two seperate parts, multiple choice section and a hazard perception section.

Once you have passed the theory test, you will then be entitled to book your pratical driving test, within two years from that date.

What to expect:

  • Study for the test using appropriate material
  • Get to a desired level of confidence
  • Once your ready, book the theory test itself
  • Confirmation will be sent via post or email
  • Attend the DSA Test Centre
  • Your test will be done in a relaxed environment
  • You will be told the results after the test
  • Now enabling you to take your pratical test

In order to pass your theory test you are required to gain a score of no less than 43 correctly answered questions out of 50 and a score of 44 on the hazard perception section (out of a total of 75) your driving instructor will provide further information as you make progress in your driving career.

Pratice your "Theory Test" Now...